Alex Cord

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Alex Cord Fan mail Address

Linda McAlister Talent

30 N Raymond,Suite 213

Pasadena, CA 91103

United States


Phone Number: 656.529.5739

Email Address: –

Alex Cord Biography

Full Name: Alex Cord

Nicknames: Alex Cord

Profession: Actor

Height: 183 Cm

Personal Life

Date of Birth/Age:May 3, 1933 (age 85 years @2018)

Birthplace:Floral Park, New York, United States






Spouse:Susannah Moller (m. 2002–2017), Joanna Pettet (m. 1968–1989)

Children:Damien Zachary Cord, Toni Aluisa

Social Network






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One Comment

  1. since the virus, this senior has been watching a lot of western movies. i have questions, and am searching for someone who could sit down with me and possibly answer the questions. i am NOT a reporter – just a senior who has lived in Denton Co (Lake Dallas) for more than 25 years. i’ve been staying home this past year, not being around anyone, but now that i have had my two vacine shots, feel more comfortable about being around someone for a short period of time (i have my mask).
    if Alex feels up to it, i would like to sit down and discuss western tv shows and especially movies. this week iv’e been watching (marathon) of Tex Ritter movies.


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