Ben Mankiewicz

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Benjamin Frederick Mankiewicz Fan mail Address

Innovative Artists

1505 10th Street

Santa Monica, CA 90401-2805

United States


Phone Number: 310.656.0400

Email Address: –

Benjamin Frederick Mankiewicz Biography

Full Name: Benjamin Frederick Mankiewicz

Nicknames: Benjamin Frederick Mankiewicz,Ben Mankiewicz

Profession: Actor

Height: –

Personal Life

Date of Birth/Age: March 25, 1967 (age 51 years @2018)

Birthplace: Washington, D.C., United States

Nationality: American

Education:  Columbia University, Graduate School of Journalism, Tufts University, Georgetown Day School Lower/Middle School


Parents: Frank Mankiewicz, Holly Jolley Reynolds

Sibling: Josh Mankiewicz

Spouse:  Lee Russo (m. 2013), Contessa Kellogg (m. 2005–2010)

Children: –

Social Network

Website: –

Facebook: –

Instagram: –


Google+: –

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  1. God I miss Robert Osbourne!!!! TCM please enough with the social commentary and an attempt at reprogramming the American public. This is a common mistake of the intellectual left who believe the American public should be lectured to like kindergarten children being reprimanded by the teacher. If I see one more intro about blackface I may become violently ill. Last nights ridiculous commentary surrounding THE SERCHER prompted me to find a way to contact Ben and make these comments which I never do. Obviously TCM has been hijacked by the intellectual left. Ben what these people do not understand is that Americans live and get along just fine in all areas of life and if someone violates someone rights we have laws to protect all Americans. This constant reprogramming attempt of the left only erodes the harmony in our society. TCM had the best example of how your channel should be programed and run. Robert O.!! He was a man of CLASS and only commented on the movies, actors and the making of the picture. Most people probably didn’t know he was gay or even cared! He was a true professional and talented man and I dare to say he most likely wouldn’t have allowed TCM to be corrupted from its original mission. Not once did I fast forward through his intros or post viewing commentary. I cannot watch TCM live any longer because I don’t waste my time listing the the host BS any longer and only watch the movies. Ben please save the channel!! Just follow Roberts lead it really is that simple. I don’t know If you will even read this but I welcome a dialog and you can call me if you like 908-451-3940.

  2. We were going to watch The Searchers starring John Wayne. We made the mistake of watching your intro with 2 other liberals. But just like everything else today with you FC#$%d up liberals, you have to bring up racism. You accused John Wayne’s character of being a racist and to you, that is the greatest sin possible.
    Now , I have to ask. In the movie, the Indians, yes Indians, slaughter innocent white people for being white and you all say nothing. Thats perfectly ok. When Wayne’s character hunts down the killers, you liberals blame it on racism. Why didn’t you call the Indians racist? Good God. Its a movie, made 60 years ago.
    Is there nothing you liberals won’t ruin? Now you can’t even watch a classic movie without a lecture.

  3. You are now getting the group of hosts together and doing racial and gender post mortem round tables of films from many decades ago. They are doing it with Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner. A film that was 50 years ahead of its time when it was made. 2021 judgements and mores superimposed on a film from 1967. Its so strained and contrived. Now we can’t watch an old movie without being lectured to about all of the perceived flaws and insensitivities as viewed today. You are killing TCM now.
    Its the only network I watch. You are assuming I’m an idiot and don’t understand why films from the ’30s through the ’60s are what they are. They have to explain it to me. As if those who lack nuance and sophistication of any race or gender even watch TCM.
    This is a sign of the times and a precursor to cancelation of the Golden Age of film, which will happen in the next decade.
    You are calling this “Reframed” and instead of talking about the cinematography, the performances and the direction, you ONLY talk about the political incorrectness of film. You do it both before and after the screening. You are doing it now with Gunga Din. 1939.
    Based on Kipling’s poem from 1890, which in the end acknowledges the greatness of Din. The hosts just explained to me that the film is a vehicle for British imperialism propaganda.
    TCM has succumbed to the mob.

  4. Ben, i am a retired studio musician . More than 40 years , worked for all the composers. starting with Mancini in 1959. The one time i worked with the difficult Bernard Herrmann i played the sax solos in the movie Taxi Driver. He was angry because they wouldn`t let him a recording of as English sax player he had brought. so i was able to play them to his satisfaction. I have many stories re. movie music and sometimes the stars who were involved..thought that might interest you. Ronny Lang… 818 865 1832

  5. Ben, when TCM plays the movie Dr. Strangelove you need to tell everyone that Scott climbs on the desk and tells about the B-52’s flying so low the fray chickens in the barn yard. That is true. When I was in grade school in the 50’s and walking back to school after lunch one B-52 was so low I could see the pilots face and his white helmet with yellow on it. At that time they were flying in from Canada to see if they could seek in under the radar. They actually singed a barn roof in Erie County in PA, and I lived in Meadville PA. in Crawford County which is just below Erie County. I really laugh at that sene because I know it is so true.
    Chris Holabaugh a big fan of TCM.

  6. Hi Ben, As a long time TMC fan (35yrs). TMC is the only tv station to show films when movies were movies. I have tried never to miss a james cagney movie shown on TMC. About 20-25 years ago I watched a cagney movie titled “JOHNNY COME LATELY. I believe this movie has not been shown since & wondering if there is a reason. I am sure you have never mention it when ever you talk about james cagney. I am hoping you will show it & let me know ahead of time so as no to miss it. Thank You


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