Chuck Woolery

Chuck Woolery Fanmail Address

Chuck Woolery Signature Products, Llc.

26135 Plymouth Road

Redford, MI 48239

United States

Another Address

Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates, Inc.

The Academy Tower

5200 Lankershim Blvd.

Suite 820 North Hollywood, CA 91601

United States


Phone Number: 313.937.1000 or 818.769.9111

Email: –


Chuck Woolery Biography

Full Name: Charles Herbert Woolery

Nicknames: Chuck Woolery

Profession: Actor

Personal Life

Date of Birth/Age: March 16, 1941

Birthplace: Ashland, Kentucky, U.S

Nationality: American

Parents: Anthony Capaldi (Father), Gina Capaldi(Mother)

Spouse: Kim Woolery (m. 2006), Teri Nelson (m. 1985–2004), Jo Ann Pflug (m. 1972–1980), Margaret Hays (m. 1961–1971)

Children: Michael Woolery, Melissa Woolery, Sean Woolery, Chad Woolery, Katharine Woolery, Cary Woolery



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  1. Chuck, I have 10 grandchildren & pray every day for them. I will also say a Prayer for your son.but as for you i am outraged that you so called celebrities who are irrelevant become ignorant & assholes when you open your mouth.You do realize your NAZI PRESIDENT called this VIRUS a HOAX & now he wants to send our children & grandchildren back to school where they are in danger. You like the GUTLESS SPINE LESS REPUBLICAN SYCOPHANTS carry TRUMPS WATER knowing full well he is a VILE ANIMAL HUMAN WASTE NAZI who cares nothing about our children, because his only concern is to get reelected cause he knows OBAMA served 2 terms & he will be shamed that the RACIST he is is not more relevant than the AFRICAN AMERICAN who this NATION LOVED.Another EVIL NAZI 85 YEARS AGO thought he was also the CHOSEN ONE & you know his EVILNESS destroyed MILLIONS. Chuck, i am a PROUD US ARMY VETERAN who served during the COLD WAR & was STATIONED in DACHAU, GERMANY which had one of the biggest CONCENTRATION CAMPS. My BARRACKS was right next door to the CAMP & me & my buddies visited the CAMP, who by the way was charging 50cents admission. what i saw there made me PHYSICALLY SICK & 45 years later i am a grandfather of 10 grandchildren, 2 of which are Jewish on there mothers side. I love them more than life itself. When RACISTS & ANTI SEMITES SLUR MINORITIES & JEWS & BOW DOWN to the CHOSEN ONE then you know this NATION is in the HANDS of SATAN. Chuck , just so you know, while 58,000 of my BROTHERS IN ARMS were dying in VIETNAM, THIS COWARD who bullies people, hid under his bed & had DADDY get him 5 deferments.While BRAVE YOUNG AMERICAN SOLDIERS serving in AFGHANISTAN have had BOUNTIES put on them by COMRADE PUTIN, COMRADE TRUMP turned his back on those BRAVE YOUNG MEN & WOMEN.. While your children & my grandchildren are safe living with their families , MIGRANT CHILDREN are in CAGES & SEPERATED from their families , while 145,000 innocent people died from the CORONA VIRUS your hero called the VIRUS a HOAX, While children are testing positive for COVID 19 your hero wants school to be reopened, while small businesses are dying & millions & millions are unemployed you hero is shown doing a publicity stunt of HOLDING A BIBLE in FRONT of a CHURCH, while WHITE SUPREMACISTS are yelling “JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US”, your hero is calling them “FINE PEOPLE”, While GEORGE FLOYD was being killed your HERO was telling us it’s a shame. You CHUCK are no different than him. You are a SPINELESS IRRELEVANT NOBODY who hasn’t gotten attention in 40 years & now wants another 15 minutes of FAME. You are a LOW LIFE PIECE OF SHIT who should join TRUMPS ADMINISTRATION where you can KISS HIS ASS & LICK HIS BOOTS 24 hours a day. What a DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • I saw one of chucks shows years ago. A girl walked on to set and was wearing a long black skirt split right up the front real high. Chuck said THATS SPLIT ALMOST ALL THE WAY TO PITTSBURGH. Iaughed my ass off. THANKS

  2. Who do you think you are to announce to the public this virus isn’t real. You are not medically qualified to do something like this. You’re an actor and game show host. You have NOTHING that qualifies you to speak like this. You owe the public an apology. Please stop being obtuse. SHAME ON YOU!!

  3. You are a typical Republican. Nothing exists until it affects you. Did Twitter treat treat you too mean Chuck? Or did you realize the Trump era is going down in flames? Change your name to Coward Woolery if you ever climb out from underneath the rock you hiding under now. Still “sick of it” Coward ?

  4. I wish you and your family well. I hope your son gets the medical attention he needs and makes a speedy and complete recovery. One day you called everyone who was telling the truth about Covid liars. Then you personally were affected and you ‘clarified’ your stance and then deleted your Twitter account.

    You are entitled to your privacy, but you did a very public thing that did real damage to people who find themselves in the exact situation your family is in. That is cowardly. Go back out in public and tell the people who still hold your old opinion that they are wrong. The president re-tweeted your idiotic opinion. Tell him he is wrong. Tell the people you insulted–doctors, the entire Democratic Party,etc that they were right and you will do whatever you can to help them do the work that needs to be done.

    If you don’t you are putting more people in harm’s way. Honor your son’s struggle and do the right thing. Take your lumps. You deserve them.

  5. Since your son tested positive for COVID19 it is imperative that you be that loving father. Nurse him back to health from this TRUMP VIRUS. You should sleep in the same room also so you can be there at a moments notice. Show him the courage and fortitude you have in denying this TRUMP VIRUS COVID 19 even exists. Dont wear a mask. Your son will look up to you for your individualness and not following the crowd. With any luck the TRUMP VIRUS COVID 19 will infect your ignorant ass and make you deathly I’ll. If you are fortunate to survive maybe then you will tell this piece of HUMAN SCUM DJT that he has murdered 140k americans because he has his head up his ass so he can smell the shit he says.
    Oh yeah, fuck you piece of shit along w the djt ass you so much kiss.

  6. You are one big, giant asshole, only to be outdone by the guy whose ass you lick.


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