L. Q. Jones

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L. Q. Jones Fan mail Address

Sovereign Talent Group

1642 Westwood Blvd,Suite 202

Westwood, CA 90024

United States


Phone Number: 310.474.4000

Email Address: –

L. Q. Jones Biography

Full Name: L. Q. Jones

Nicknames: L. Q. Jones

Profession: Actor

Height: 188 Cm

Personal Life

Date of Birth/Age:August 19, 1927 (age 91 years @2018)

Birthplace:Beaumont, Texas, United States






Spouse:Neta Lewis (m. 1950–1973)


Social Network






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  1. He was there with the best even with Elvis Presley in Stay Away Joe

  2. L.Q. Jones is a legend among character actors. He always brings a special quality to the movie’s he’s been in. He is a mainstay in western films. God bless him.

  3. Hi – Lots of us in San Diego are Western fans and love your work – we wondered if you ever wrote a book about your experiences and, if not, would you consider it? I’m sure you have some great stories to share! Thanks, Sue

  4. Happy belated birthday pard. I have always loved you in westerns. One that comes to mind was when you worked with Randolph Scott in Buchanan Rides Alone. I always remember because you told him you could tell he was a West Texan by the way he talks or the way he sits his horse. I love that movie and many more you are in. Stay away from them ten dollar towns! Would love to shake your hand if you come to Texas.
    God bless Amigo.

    Stephen Matusek

  5. L.Q.!
    Glad to see you are still with us. However, “…to live is Christ, to die is gain.”
    I am even gladder to know you are my Brother in Christ.
    Tonight the Wife and I will watch ‘The Mask of Zorro’. If I could just get her to watch ‘A Boy and His Dog’. The greatest cult film, ever!
    God Bless!

  6. I have been following your career since I was 5 with my family at Oxnard AFB in California. I was severely asthmatic and it was truly memorable when “Mr. Justus” took me for a motorcycle ride at church. That one act of kindness has made me a fan forever. I would love to come to o AZ and take you to lunch. No matter your response, I wanted you to know your impact on my life. Thank you! Ps. After you play a bad guy I always watch my favorite Martian and Lassie!

  7. To LQ Jones
    I love your acting especially in westerns. I would like to invite you to Beaumont on January 9,2021 to Gladys City for the 120 year anniversary. I’m in a re-enactment
    group called the Big Thicket Outlaws. We will have skits like bank robberies and other shootouts.We dress up like 1880-1900 circa outfits of course we shoot blanks but everybody has a great time. We would surely enjoy your presence there.
    Just think about it and thanks for your time.

  8. Mr. Jones,
    I’m watching you’re work on “Casino” for the 100th time and I LOVE your acting and the characters that you give life to on screen. You and Strother Martin, God rest his soul, are my two favorite “heavys” on screen of all time. I hope you’re well and God bless you.
    Thank you,
    Roger McVay

  9. Love Andy Belden! My favorite The Virginian character. Sense of humor fantastic. My kind of person. Knows how to make the most of situations. The pranks he played are awesome! L. Q. Is a winner! Accomplished so much and provided enjoyment and entertainment in all that he was a part of. Sure he still does! Great person on and off show biz.

  10. To Mr. LQ Jones.
    Just a memo to show my appreciation for all of the films you have been involved in. It was so big of you to step down from the set with Clint Walker just to make the show a one star show. You unselfishly sacrificed yourself for the team. I am a retired Master Sergeant (Marines) and I can certainly understand why you made that move. You have giving guys and gales like me the best entertainment ever and I thank you. As we say in the Marines Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)

  11. What a fabulous talent, L.Q. His footprints are almost everywhere. All my favorite classic television shows he was somehow a part of. Wish I could convey some thoughts and a couple of questions to him. Best to him always.
    Sincerely, Robbie Gasser, Fort Worth

  12. One of the best cowboy actors of all time ,we need more like him , need more new westerns movies . Take care L Q Jones live long and good

  13. I would like to write L Q Jones as he and my parents attended Lon Morris College together. He at times would go by and have dinner with my Grandmother ( Ezora Vaughan) in Port Neches, Texas. I am probably too late and know this is a long shot. Anything you might could do to assist I would appreciate.

    Steve Waters son of Bob And Violet Vaughan Waters.


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