Cynthia Lamontagne

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Cynthia Ann LaMontagne Fan mail Address

BRS / Gage Talent Agency

6300 Wilshire Blvd,Suite 1430

Los Angeles, CA 90048

United States


Phone Number: 323.857.6666

Email Address: –

Cynthia Ann LaMontagne Biography

Full Name: Cynthia Ann LaMontagne

Nicknames: Cynthia Ann LaMontagne,Cynthia Lamontagne

Profession: Actress

Height: 179 Cm

Personal Life

Date of Birth/Age:February 15, 1966 (age 52 years @2018)

Birthplace: California, United States






Spouse: –

Children:Ayana Tai Cheadle, Imani Cheadle

Social Network





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  1. I have a 1996 Ford Mustang GT convertible I have restored and am thinking about selling. I understood this was first owned by Cynthia who was the Fembot in Austin Powers movie… One of the previous owners told me that story I don’t know if it is true… Anyway the car is in restored condition .I fshe is at all interested in it she can call me at (918) 724-2642. John Southern in Tulsa Okla. I Flew to Pennsylvania in 1995 to buy it and drive it to Tulsa. my e mail is.


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