Marilyn Milian

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Marilyn Milian Fan mail Address

The People’s Court

Connecticut Film Center Stamford

300 Stillwater Avenue,Suite 2

Stamford, CT 06902

United States


Phone Number: –

Email Address: –

Marilyn Milian Biography

Full Name: Marilyn Milian

Nicknames: Marilyn Milian

Profession: Actress

Height: 160 Cm

Personal Life

Date of Birth/Age:May 1, 1961 (age 57 years @2018)

Birthplace: Astoria, New York City, New York, United States






Spouse: John Schlesinger (m. 1993)

Children:Sofia Elena Schlesinger, Cristina Schlesinger, Alexandra Schlesinger

Social Network

Website: –




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  1. Dear Judge Milian,
    I have watched ur show forever, & enjoy ur down to earth approach so plaintiffs & litigants better understand their situation & the outcome. With 2020 & COVID, I noticed a few changes, (I know u had a facelift in 2017), natural & fresh, but this new dark drab hair color has to go! It makes u look older & boring, which u r NOT! Please re-lighten or highlight ur hair & maybe consider a few inches off to not give the effect of elongating ur face, after 50 jaw length looks best! Stay well! Kate

  2. Florida law requires sellers to disclose any issues they know about that materially affect the value of a home or property. This requirement applies even if the buyer does not ask whether the seller knows about defects.
    Sorry it was a bad call on your end, rushing the case wasn’t the best thing this time.
    That’s why you needed a real estate attorney, you also should of let her know she could of possibly brought him up on ethics charges.
    Yes Judge we still like you, your the best! Just not correct all the time, ask your hub. (Joke)

  3. This is one dumbass fake judge! You look dumb and dramatic on TV. Judge Judy is 100X better than you Millan! You SUCK Millan!

  4. This judge is a joke and if you actually read about her she is an actress and doesn’t know a fuckin thing about the law. This bitch is retarded and should just quit. She says I think a lot and it’s bullshit. Please bitch just quit and never show your fucked up face on TV again. So fuck off

  5. Hi Judge Marilyn, I just finished watch fan episode of the people’s court and it reminded me to write. As an Emergency Room Nurse for our 40 years, dog bites are NOT sutured unless it has a huge open area. If they do close it, drains are usually put it. Dog and cat mouths are dirty and almost always require antibiotics, so leaving it open allows for drainage of bacteria and debris. The episode I saw was a pit bull bite and you seemed to dismiss the bite because it wasn’t sutured. You also mentioned that you had the same laceration one thanksgiving. I just wanted to mention that as I have heard you say it on other occasions. (I’ve been watching forever!). Have a nice day.

  6. Please read:

    I see a growth in Judges neck on right side … on show that aired 3/5/2020! Please get this to her!!


  7. To Dearest Judge Milian. After years of watching your excellent shows, the U station in my area, the Northwest Indiana/Chicago region had recently removed your show. As of today, your show broadcast is 10A. During the week. This time is not competitive with Judge Mathis, in which his show is broadcasted two times a day or more. This U has caused trouble with faithful Milian viewers. Bad. It’s not good. I encourage you to regain your excellent show asap. The U is not a dictator. Thank you. Jack


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