Marilyn Milian

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Marilyn Milian Fan mail Address

The People’s Court

Connecticut Film Center Stamford

300 Stillwater Avenue, Suite 2

Stamford, CT 06902

United States


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Marilyn Milian Biography

Full Name: Marilyn Milian

Nicknames: Marilyn Milian

Profession: Actress

Height: 160 Cm

Personal Life

Date of Birth/Age: May 1, 1961 (age 57 years @2018)

Birthplace:  Manhattan, New York City, US

Nationality: American

Education: University of Miami, Georgetown University

Hometown: –

Parents: –

Sibling: –

Spouse: John Schlesinger (m. 1993)

Children:  Sofia Elena Schlesinger, Alexandra Schlesinger, Cristina Schlesinger

Social Network

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