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United States


Phone Number: 310.393.1454.105

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Full Name: Marisha Ray

Nicknames: Marisha Ray

Profession: Actress

Height: –

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Date of Birth/Age: May 10, 1989 (age 29 years @2018)

Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky, United States

Nationality: American

Education: –

Hometown: –

Parents: –

Sibling: –

Spouse: Matthew Mercer (m. 2017)

Children: –

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  1. can’t stand this fake ass annoying loud mouthed abrasive cunt she ruins every show or whatever she’s a part of fuck this stupid ass bitch

  2. Dear Marisha and Matthew, please be sure to post this story to your fanfiction page if you have one. “Follow the rules”
    by Lauren Webster
    March 21, 2020
    Note: Due to strict content, this exerpt is for adults only. Also, the names of the two celebraty characters in this story has been changed to protect their true identity. All rights reserved.
    This is a story that proves that some times it really does pay to follow the rules.
    One evening, on Saturday, March 21, 2020, a young gray and white Saanen goat named Muhammad al-Maeiz left his home to go and take a walk through the forest. He was just strolling down the path and minding his own when suddenly, he heard a sound of thundering hooves and jingling bells.
    The young goat stopped in his tracks as the sounds came ever closer. Suddenly, in to view pulled a large blue sleigh driven by a man dressed from head to foot in a blue fur mantle; a purple and green beaver was sitting at the front cracking a red whip, the sleigh itself being pulled by four red deer. Suddenly, the man order the sleigh to an abrupt stop and the beaver cracked his whip so hard that the deer stopped short, chewing their bits and pants.
    “Who are you there?” said the man. “What’s your name?”
    “I am Muhammad al-Maeiz,” said the goat in a stutter.
    “I am Matthew Mir, King of this realm,” said the man.
    “I’m so sorry, Your Majesty,” said Muhammad al-Maeiz.
    “Muhammad al-Maeiz,” said Matthew Mir, “you look tired and hungry; come and sit with me.” The goat obeyed and the young man wrapped him in a large part of his blue fur mantle.
    “Do you have any friends here in the forest?” asked Mir.
    “Oh, yes,” said Maeiz. “I have lots of friends.”
    “Muhammad al-Maeiz,” said Matthew Mir, “Would you like something hot to drink, some Arabic coffee, perhaps?”
    “Yes, please, Your Majesty,” said Maeiz. Mir waved his hand and there appeared a jeweled cup of the best, hottest Arabic coffee for the goat to drink.
    “How about some Muhalebi?” said Mir.
    “Yes, Sir,” said the goat. Matthew waved his hand again and a large tin bowl of the best, coldest, sweetest Muhalebi appeared and the goat ate it.
    “Muhammad al-Maeiz,” said Matthew Mir, “I’d verry much like to meet the rest of your friends; do you think maybe you to bring them over to my house to see me some time?”
    “Yes,” said Maeiz.
    “Be sure you bring them all,” said Mir, “for when you do, I’ll have a great surprise for you, my friend.”
    “Yes, Sir,” said the goat.
    “Until then, my friend,” said Mir, “I’m going to miss you.” With that, Matthew Mir hugged the goat and Muhammad al-Maeiz got up from the sleigh and the beaver cracked his whip and he and his Master were off in to the night as the goat walked back to his house.
    Later that night, at around 8:54 PM, the young gray and white Saanen goat, Muhammad al-Maeiz started from his house and somehow found his way toward the path to King Matthew Mir’s mantion. He walked to the courtyard and went through the open gate.
    He saw a flight of marble steps and a bright light coming from an open door. He went to and started up the steps.
    Across the threshold lay a great, golden brown grizzly bear dressed in blue shorts and a brown shirt. When the goat raised his hoof to step over him, the huge bear rose up, opened a great, dark chocolate brown eyes and a great, huge mouth and growled,
    “Who is there? Stand still, stranger and tell me your name!”
    “I am Muhammad al-Maeiz,” said the goat, “and I’ve come to see King Matthew Mir.”
    “Come in, great friend of the King!” said Mathiu Magadu Mercer, also known as Vistaril Khan, King Matthew Mir’s faithful guard.
    The goat followed the bear in. He led Muhammad al-Maeiz to the throne room and there sat King Matthew Mir himself beside his Queen and consort, Rabia.
    “Where are your friends, Mr. Maeiz?” asked Mir.
    “I’m so sorry,” said Muhammad al-Maeiz. “I didn’t bring them because I didn’t know if I could trust you.”
    “Oh, my dearest friend,” said Rabia, “my husband and I would never hurt you or yours; why, we were going to make you the first Crowned Prince in line to our Kingdom and your friends servants, Dukes and Duchesses.”
    That was your great surprise,” said King Mir.
    “However, you would’ve only known that if you would’ve brought your friends with you,” said Rabia.
    “There’s only one thing left to do,” said King Matthew Mir. Just then, he called the great grizzly bear, Mathiu Magadu Mercer, also known as Vistaril Khan and he came bounding through the hall with his head curteously bowed low.
    “Yes, Your Majesty,” said the bear.
    “Go in to the forest,” said King Mir. “Find this young goat’s friends and bring them to our home and please make sure they’re treated with respect and given the utmost care.” The bear bowed again, called more bears in his ranks and were soo n off through the woods.
    Later, at about 9:16 PM, the bears returned to the mantion with Muhammad al-Maeiz forest friends on their high shoulders.
    “Welcome, my sweet companions!” said King Matthew Mir.
    “Now you shall take your rightful places as Crowned Prince Muhammad al-Maeiz, Duke etc and Dutchess Etc of our great Empire!” said Queen Rabia. With that, they were seated on velvet couches and large thrones around the halls of the mantion, sceptors were placed in to their hands, hooves and paws and crowns were placed on their heads and they lived happily ever after.

  3. “Recurring positive vision”
    by Lauren Webster
    March 19, 2020, 6:45 AM
    I keep having this recurring positive vision. In this vision, the special person, who I believe to be my guardian angel, voice actor, Matthew Mercer, whom I know was the unidentified male human voice from the notorious FOX network 2002 television game show,
    “The chamber,” comes to surprise me, curtesy of my case manager of my home health care provider company, Caring touch home health care of Lafayette, Louisiana. She calls me first and says,
    “Hey, Lauren, guess what? The C 19 is gone, sweetheart so you don’t have to worry about that anymore; anyway, Miss Tish and Mr. Kevin and I pulled some strings and we’ve got a big surprise for you; believe me, you’re going to love this one. Well, you enjoy, have fun and keep in touch, ok? Goodbye.”
    A short while later, Matthew Mercer arrives and surprises me by unknowingly picking me up at my apartment and tells me he’s finally there, I’ve nothing more to fear or worry and I’m going to live with him permanently and he’s driving my favorite color of my favorite car, a 2003 blue Mitsubishi Eclipse. There are several huge SUVs and trucks following behind him to pick up and carry most of the stuff I cannot take out of the apartment myself, such as my life size shetland Pony, my computer and my dresser television from my bed chamber.
    Anyway, about three hours later, I’m sleeping in the front passenger seat as Matthew is driving, clean music is playing soft and low on the radio. We’re heading toward where he lives; suddenly, I turn to him and ask him if there’s a wooded area nearby where there are no humans for at least ten miles. He doesn’t ask why, but says,
    “Yes,”and tells his vehicular body guards and people carrying my items in their trucks and other vehicles to go on to the mantion with my luggage and he’ll catch up later.
    I ask him if he could pull and park in that specific wooded area and he does. I ask if I could talk to him and he says that we could talk and tells me to take all the time I need because he and I, somehow know each other’s deepest certain pains and agonies. I say to him,
    “I have a crush on you,” and he says,
    “Oh, I’m married, you know, but that’s normal for a female fan to have a crush on me; many fans do; I’m a celebraty.” Then, I say that I’m deeply enamored with him, even though we’ve neverr met each other personally and I know he is happily married.
    He says in a deep, low, masculine voice just above a whisper,
    “You are?” I reply with a,
    “Yes,” and he asks in his own way the question of,
    “Would you tell me more about this amorousness you have for me?”
    “I say,
    “Well, Matthew, Sir, I’m afraid to mention that rediculous game show from 2002 you were said to have starred in,” and he says,
    “You mean,
    ‘The chamber,’ game show?” Then, he looks at me with knowing eyes and says,
    “I understand. I could see why you would be afraid to mention it to me, but I know you like me and everything and that’s ok.” I reply with,
    “I believe I feel your pain just by watching those Youtube videos of you just doing the intro for the game show and asking those contestants questions while they were being tortured just so the contestants themselves could try to when at most $100000.00,” and he says,
    “Yes; I know.
    Now what’s this you say about you having deep feelings of love for me?” I answer,
    “There’s a way I could tell you and show you at the same time,” and ask him to play on his Internet connection or a CD, my favorite lovesong,
    “Tell Him,” by Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion and before Celine even starts to sing the first lyric, which begins with the words,
    “I’m scared,” I tell him,
    “Matthew, this song in its own way will express my deepest feelings I have for you,” then, as the song plays, one thing leads to another and at the first chorus where both singers sing the words,
    “Tell him,” we’re in the back seat of the eclipse, having consentual sex. If you don’t remember this great lovesong, here are the lyrics just in case.
    “Tell him”
    by Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand
    “Celine Dion:
    I’m scared
    So afraid to show I care
    Will he think me weak
    If I tremble when I speak
    Oooh, what if
    There’s another one he’s thinking of
    Maybe he’s in love
    I’d feel like a fool
    Life can be so cruel
    I don’t know what to do.

    Barbra Streisand:
    I’ve been there
    With my heart out in my hand
    But what you must understand
    You can’t let the chance
    To love him pass you by…

    CHORUS Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand:
    Tell him
    Tell him that the sun and moon rise in his eyes
    Reach out to him,
    And whisper tender words so soft and sweet
    I’ll hold him close to feel his heartbeat
    Love will be the gift you give yourself…

    Barbra Streisand:
    Touch him
    With the gentleness you feel inside
    Your love can’t be denied
    The truth will set you free
    You’ll have what’s meant to be
    All in time you’ll see

    Celine Dion:
    Ooh, I love him
    Of that much I can be sure
    I don’t think I could endure
    If I let him walk away
    When I have so much to say

    CHORUS Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand
    Tell him
    Tell him that the sun and moon rise in his eyes
    Reach out to him,
    And whisper tender words so soft and sweet
    Hold him close to feel his heartbeat
    Love will be the gift you give yourself…

    Celine Dion:
    Love is light that surely glows
    In the hearts of those who know
    It’s a steady flame that grows

    Barbra Streisand:
    Feed the fire with all the passion you can show

    Celine Dion:
    Tonight love will assume its place

    This memory time cannot erase

    Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand:
    Your faith will lead love where it has to go…

    Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand:
    Tell him
    Tell him that the sun and moon rise in his eyes
    Reach out to him,
    And whisper
    Whisper words so soft and sweet
    Hold him close to feel his heartbeat
    Love will be the gift you give yourself
    Mmmm… Never let him go….” End of song lyrics.
    After our lovemaking is complete, Matthew Mercer and I are sitting there, nude, wrapped up in each other’s embraces in the back of the Eclipse and he softly snarls like the snarl of a large dog. I ask him why he did that and he reveals to me that he and his wife are good vampires that are immune to all the usual vampire foes, crosses, garlic, stakes, sunlight, fire, holy water and they can never be killed, not even by the deadliest diseases, sort of like the Mr. and Mrs Edward to my troubled Bella. He tells me that his wife will understand why he and I made love to each other, for he, Mercer himself knows i’m verry physically and mentally ill, with my diabedies, Bipolar 1 and all and can end it all by turning me now if I want him to; I say to him,
    “Yes, Matthew; please do it for me,” and he says,
    “Don’t worry; this literally won’t hurt at all and he, using his vampire senses, finds a nonlife threatening spot in the right side of my neck and kisses and licks the skin tenderly to get the blood to flow to its surface, then, using his voice he so handesomely used in,
    “The chamber,” game show, he softly counts to three and finally, gives me the eternal bite of the vampire’s kiss and drinks long, slow, deep sips of my warming life’s blood and soul from me and in to his eternal veins, then, he licks the wound gently and the special enzyme in his saliva dries the wound and keeps me from bleeding out. He kisses my wound once romantically saying,
    “Hmmm; your blood is sweet; it tastes like sweetened hot chocolate. Now it’s your turn,” and I bite and drink from him as well and tell him,
    “Your blood tastes like hot Queso dip just before it’s poured over dried tortila chips and finally, painlessly change in to the eternal creature of beautiful darkness I have come to fear and love at the same time, the vampire.

  4. Dear Marisha Ray, if you and Mr. Mercer can’t contact me at my first viven phone mumber, pleas do not send me an email because my inbox is too full and I’m unable to read or delete messages at this time so please contact my friends and/or care givers at: (337: 233-7009.

  5. Dear Marisha, I loved your husband in, “The chamber,” game show from FOX 2002 and even have a Teddy bear named after him, but the bear’s name is Mathiu Magadu Mercer, also known enigmatically by me as Vistaril Khan; I’m visually impaired, European American and can imitate your husband’s voice from, “The chamber,” game show to the teeth; I’d like to meet you and your handsome man if at all, please, if you can’t meet me, call this number: (337: 456-2881; thanks a million.


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