LeBron James

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Fanmail Address

LeBron James
c/o Los Angeles Lakers
555 N. Nash Street
El Segundo, CA 90245
United State


LRMR Management Company, LLC

3800 Embassy Parkway

Suite 360

Akron, OH 44333

United State


LeBron James Contact

Phone Number: 216-771-2323

Email Address: –


LeBron James Biography

Full Name: LeBron Raymone James Sr

Nicknames: LeBron James

Profession: Basketball Player

Personal Life

Date of Birth/Age: December 30, 1984

Birthplace:  Akron, Ohio, USA

Nationality: American

Hometown: –

Parents:  Anthony McClelland (Father), Gloria Marie James (Mother)

Wife/Spouse: Savannah James (Married 2013)

Children: Bryce Maximus James, LeBron James Jr., Zhuri James

Social Network

Website: lebronjames.com and lebronjamesfamilyfoundation.org

Facebook: LeBron

Instagram: –

Twitter: kingjames

Snapchat: –

YouTube: –



Lebron James or LeBron Raymone James Sr. is a professional American basketball player who was born on December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio. Since July 2018, he moved from his old club Cleveland Cavaliers to Los Angeles (LA) Lakers with back number 23. He signed a four-year contract at the LA Lakers. Joining the Lakers, makes James have the opportunity to explore the world of entertainment, both films and other business opportunities.

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  1. Re: Senator Tom Cotton remarks including Lebron James “Addiction to China’s Cash.”

    Dear Senator Schumer:

    Senator Tom Cotton did this day make remarks concerning the potential economic threat of China to commercial interests of the United States.  The Republican Senator from Arkansas included the name of Lebron James in his written statement.  Of concern is the suggestion that “Lebron James has an addiction for Chinese cash.” 

    Is it appropriate to identify citizens by name into the Congressional Record without their knowledge or permission? 

    Whatever Senator Cotton’s intention, the usage of Mr. James’s name and “addiction” in the same sentence could be taken out of context as a stereotype of African Americans.

    Can someone clarify if these remarks are parliamentary appropriate?

    Respectfully yours,
    Clayton Johnson 

  2. Hi LeBron James my name is Johnnie Wilson Jr. I was born with a disability. My disability is cerebral palsy so I wear an orthopedic leg brace & hand brace on the right side of my body. I played basketball in middle & high school. You can look me up on YouTube @ Johnnie Wilson Lima senior. I also play basketball for the special Olympics. I’m a huge fan. I watch all your games, have your posters in my room. I want to wear your shoes because they’re awesome but I can’t because my orthopedic brace can’t get inside your shoes. The only shoes I can really wear are Under Armour & Jordan’s. I was wondering if you could please design some basketball shoes for me in my honor? If you do decide to design some basketball shoes in my honor I have some great ideas on what it should look likes. You’re my role model. I really look up to you. If you do read this can you please contact me on Facebook: Jay Wilson, Instagram: JMONEYWILSON1, twitter: Wilson16Jay & my cell number (419)234-4598.
    Sincerely Johnnie Wilson Jr

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  4. Labron you are doing awesome job playing as a lakers team player .we are very proud of you .we as a family We are the biggest fan for Lakers .My son since He was 4 years old he is been Lakers fan . He is 24 years old young man.we have come to LA from SACRAMENTO to watch the game . It was the biggest loss when we lost Our Kobe Bryant .our whole team is incredible AD a wonderful player. God bless you all . We pray to god that every one in the world stay happy and healthy .love you all

  5. The NBA is full of hypocrites fighting for oppression while making millions of dollars. Money that you should use to help rebuild communities and playgrounds for our kids. Instead you fund criminals and support BLM which is nothing but thugs and murders. I’m a disabled Veteran and I have many many black friends who do not support BLM or the NBA. You put names of people on you’re jerseys who are repeat offenders, drug pushing thugs, and black. What about service members who lost their lives in War giving you the freedom to be rich and famous. I believe in equality for all and I racism needs to be addressed. But not supporting people that hate cops and whom are killing innocent people and destroying businesses. Why not give your money to businesses that have been destroyed by these riots and looting. The NBA and other sports need to show support and support the communities destroyed by theses Animals!! These Animals have destroyed black, white, Hispanic, etc. businesses, but instead of you helping these innocent Americans, you would rather just help destroy the very country I fought for and lost friends for.
    You want to make a statement how about you support and help rebuild people’s lives who have lost everything due too violence and looting. Quit saying you support BLM when in turn you only support the lives that are destroying real black lives and communities. Defunding the police when they’re protecting you and you’re family. Yes I agree they’re should be more training and reforming of a better police force. But NOT all cops are bad apples!!
    YOU blame Trump for all of this when it’s not his doing. People are responsible for their own actions and beliefs. Trump put the Governors in charge of they’re own states, if you want to blame someone blame the Governors and yourselves.
    I served my country, put my life on the line for all races, I made less then a 10 digit figure and still help others regardless of their nationality, race, or beliefs. I’d had worked for free if I could’ve. Now I’m a disabled veteran making less than $4000/ mth and I still volunteer my time to help my neighborhood, my brothers and sisters regardless. I wish I had money like you all so I could help All those less fortunate people and kids. I never put myself above them and I never talk down about them. I just do what I know is right. If you want to put names on your jersey why not start with the lives lost giving you the very freedoms you have today regardless of your skin color, beliefs, or race. You want justice for racism? Why not start supporting it properly and not because you think one race is being treated unfairly. But I live by my means, I pay my bills and drive forward. I have dreams of a new Truck, Lake front home, and more.

    Thank you
    David P Beardslee
    USArmy Disabled Veteran

  6. Lebron, you are a hypocrite and an embarrassment to African Americans. You are like most liberals, passing judgement before investigation has been completed. I never hear you take action to stop all the deaths of African Americans in cities like Chicago who are being killed every week! Apparently it is ok if an African American is killed by another African American but not ok if he or she is killed by law enforcement. I don’t think it is ok in either case but I would not make judgement on law enforcement cases until I know the facts. You are poisoning the NBA and creating more division in this country, I am done with the NBA and other sports that are using social justice to promote their image. It will backfire on these leagues, it already is with the ratings for the NBA. People watch sports to watch the game, we don’t watch sports to be preached to about social issues.

  7. Yeah good morning Lebron, well here it is in a nutshell, I as a biracial woman my mother black my father white, I personally get tired of you portraying yourself as someone always being downgraded in this country. When the protests just begun you made a statement on national TV and said America doesnt like us!!!! Really?? I personally think and know this country has been extremely good to you! Get real! And seeing both sides of the coin lots of white people also struggle finiancially for alot of things. Something that will never happen to you. So embrace and share and give some back some of the many gifts that had been givin to you. Give to the less fortunate. Quit complaining! You got it pretty damn good!

  8. If Lebron wishes to make a dramatic impact on police brutality, and pushing cities to adopt better policies regarding police behavior, he might consider refusing to play in cities, i.e., Atlanta and elsewhere, where significant changes are needed to temper the actions of police vis-a-vis African-Americans.

  9. hey it’s yo girl TT and i just want to say fuck james with his fat ass.

  10. Dear Lebron,
    you might not listen to me as am one of the many people who is a fan. I have two requests from you. You my not listen to me but I’m asking just in case. My first request is that you leave the laker’s. If I were to choose another team to be on I would say either the Warrior’s or the Cavs. My second request is that you send me your autograph. You could throw this in letter in the fire for all I care. I just want to let you know.

  11. Dear Mr. James

    You don’t know what a huge fan my son is. He decorated his room All of you hes the biggest lebron fan i know. His birthday is on may 3 and hes turning 16 ive been trying to find a way to contact you all day i hope this works, call or text me please 917-631-6200

    • mr james you are the reason i started playing basketball i work out 7 days a week for 4 hours because of you and it is the best time of my life i will work hard every day and someday hopefully meet you. i live in roberts wisconsin and my phone number is 651 341 4095. please call me soon i hope your doing well and im exited to see you back out there.

  12. Hello Mr. James,
    I have 2 grandsons, Jontell and Jaiden.
    Jontell is a Senior at Lincoln College Preparatory
    Academy here in Kansas City, Mo. 64127
    While both are Awesome BB players, Jontell(JT)
    is in search of a College. He’s at the top of his class, Excellent grades, and awesome, well mannered young man! And I’m not just saying that because he’s my grandson! He has been on many college tours and trying to hold out for a full ride if possible.
    My son, their dad works for The City of Kansas City and works almost around the clock to have money for his graduation and college. My daughter in love works hard as well for The State of Missouri. But it is not enough. He has gotten 14 letters so far, with one college offering $14,000 but that is only a small amount for a four year plan. My family doesn’t know I’m reaching out to you but I’ll do anything to help my family. I know you bless kids in your area but I didn’t know if you helped other kids in other areas. I pray and ask for any help you could provide. May God enlarge your territory is my prayer.

    Myrna Washington
    JT and Jaiden’s Big Momma❤️❤️❤️

  13. Basketball is one of my favorite games..really feel sad for Kobe Bryantt.pls pass my condolences to his family.hope to meet u one day.god bless u James

  14. Good Afternoon Mr. James,

    My name is Nikki, my son is Nico and he has been writing your fan club for about 2 years now without a response. He is currently in his senior year of High School and is your biggest fan. Nico has played Varsity basketball since his 8th grade summer year, and is up for player of the year. He has senior night 02/10/20 at 630pm California time, and has graduation the first week of June. It would be wonderful if you would be able to attend or contact him for either one of these important dates.

    Warmest Regards,

    Nikeya Hall

  15. How are you doing sir! I really appreciate the opportunity to send you this email… I can only hope you reply… I represent veterans Enterprise training… we are a bootstrap organization located in Florida… we work on different projects to raise our on funds.. this year we came up with a promotional ideal to help the DNC.. we are reaching out to all media celebrities or anyone that can help us with our cause.. I have much more information I would like to share with you tell you more about our organization and how proud We Are of what we do.. I could appreciate a reply as soon as possible or email address I can email to the s’mores confidential.. we are looking to give a large event this year hoping you could attend would be the grand prize of all.. hope you replies soon God bless for all that you do.. I feel you are a great man with great ideas.. the challenge is for everyone to share great ideas thank you so much..

  16. Hello Mr. James, I respect the person you are and the endeavors you support way more than what you do on the basketball court. Thank you for all that you do off the court. I admire that as a professional basketball player, you take time to support your children and just be a dad. The example you are setting in this area is helping fathers all over the world to become better fathers by supporting their kids in their endeavors. I read what Kobe means to you and the love and admiration you have for him. Would you honor him by competing in the NBA slam dunk competition and wear the Kobe #8 jersey and do some of the dunks he did when he was in the competition? I understand why you have never competed in the competition, however; we all know you have become perhaps the greatest NBA player in the history of the NBA. No disrespect to my NBA heroes Dr. J, Magic, Michael, Bird and others. I say this not only because of your performances on the court, but most importantly, your behavior off the court. I am a 55 year old married for 28 years thus far black man with 3 children that I support and do everything possible to ensure they have an advantage in life. In other words, because of my age, I don’t fit the demographic of an NBA fan, but I watch the NBA because of you and my favorite player in the NBA Alec Burks, who by the way I watch every game that he plays when shown in my area. I watch you and him because of the off the court things you both represent.
    Please consider this request to compete and honor Kobe’s legacy and the ShowTime tradition of the Lakers. Thank you sir! P.S. I know you will win it, you are an incredible athlete, and you can show those younger NBA players that you are the King! LOL!
    Oh yea, of course this is not my first name!

  17. I would like to know who do you think you are? You sue people because they do everyday things on camera and because you started doing it you put a patent on it or so you think. You are a man just like everybody else. You make me sick because you are not a king there’s only one king and his Jesus Christ!!!!!
    Dustin H. Spence

  18. Hello Sir! I have recently moved into Shoreline Apartments what used to be Quay 55 in Cleveland and I heard that you used to live here. Just curious which apartment you live in if you would be willing to tell me? Thank you

  19. Hi Lebron James
    I have an invention that helps improve 3 point shooting at 100 percent, are you interested with all due respect.

  20. Hi lebron James me and my father is an avid fan of yours we are from the Philippines but I’m here in the United States now but my father still in the Philippines. His 60 years old, every game he can get to watch he watch it but it’s unlimited because we’re we live. Right now we have a big earthquake calamities in Davao del sur. Please I need your help to rebuild our small community. It’s really a joy of watching you playing and keep it up God bless you King James.

  21. Greetings Mr.James.I am a Minister who has become Homeless and it’s around Christmas time. I desperately need some help.I would like to be in my own place at Christmas,this is so embarrassing but I don’t have the means at this time.I need a Act of Kindness.I know God will forever. Smile down on you.Happy Holiday to you and your Family.If you read this and need to reach me 3135879541.God Bless You

  22. I need your help i have five kids one that loves you 3176470549 i trying to keep him on the right path its getting hard .

  23. I am a 64 year old ole school basketball fan for MANY years. To Lebron, I just want to say thank you for your joy of the game. I’ve been a fan good and or bad. It’s a true joy to watch you this year. I see the pep in your step and the comfort that you are playing with. This team is getting a solid rhythm and flow that will carry you for 82 games plus. I send positive vibes for good health to the team. Stay humble, stay strong both mentally n physically.Try to Ignore the ugliness of fame, haters gonna hate. There are still too many people who struggle with the success of a young Black man.
    Peace m Blessings to you and your Family
    Gail M. J

  24. Mr. James my name is Kevin Johnson, I would like to make a contribution to the I Promise School please have someone from your staff give me a call to discuss all of the dynamics (216) 983-9287


  25. Lebron James you are no Michael Jordan and now you become a complete disgrace to the American country you’re an embarrassment to us please keep your mouth shut on what you don’t know you sell out low life.

  26. James,Isaiah 54:17 no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises against you in judgement shall be condemned.

  27. My name is Kymani Jordan i am ten years old and let me tell you something You are the bestsmall foward in the nba you have scored 32,543 points in your carrer can you believe that is a major achievement.You are a very kind and unselfish man you donate money to schools out of your own savings.You inspired me to get a better jump shot because yours is so deadly especially if you breaks somebodys ankles. Your dunks just make me pop off.Your La team you have donated number 23 to Anthony davis thats just shows you have major respect for your teammates and i respect you for that.Im not only checking you out im checking out Bronny and Bryce your sons got game you have taught them well. I know you live in LA i would love to meet you one day but until that day comes i wiill keep dreaming of how your going to win the finals with your LA lakers cause you run LA. I live at 766 magenta street bronx 10467. Keep doing what you do.
    From Kymani Jordan

  28. Hello, my sons birthday coming up April 8. He loves Lebron. I would love if you can send him a birthday card with your autograph on it. Thank you

  29. My sons favorite player is Lebron James so I bought tickets a few months ago for him and I to go to the Detroit pistons game at little Ceaser arena because we are from michigan. I spent 364 dollars for 2 tickets so that my son could see Lebron play and he just found out Lebron is not playing in-today’s game. Tickets don’t normally cost that much but because of Lebron they were and now we are both really bummed out

  30. Hi Lebron, how are you? My name is Doneeka. Our birthday is the same. I wanted to wish you a very happy, healthy, prosperous, enjoyable best birthday today
    My main reason for this message is to let you know that my son Devin adores you like a brother. Your games and you are like his life. He has me the same way about you. He is planning to write you a letter. This child is obsessed with you. No other basketball players matters to him. No other team has his interest. I really wish that he could have met you when you came a few months ago to give the sneakers to that school in Queens Christ King We don’t live far from there. But, we look at everything. I hope you will see this message and know that many people are a fan of you but, this is a very rare case. He takes my religious books and squeezes them praying for you to win the championship. He goes down on his knees praying. When you made the last championship my religious books was crushed. But, it was well worth it cause he was the happiest child on earth. He comes to bed at night talking about you get up talking about you. Omg, he looks up to you. He is one of a rare kind, caring child.

    • Labron, my son need your help. He was doing find until last week. his job cut his hour to 40 hours a week, kept the benefits he was paying when he was working 10 to11 hours a day. he has no way to pay his house note, his car note.Being 60 years old,it is very hard for him staying awake at night worrying about becoming hiomeless. You are his favorite player since my home is Cleveland and he was born in Los Angeles. .Please


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