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James David Lofton Fan mail Address

13177 Via Mesa Dr

San Diego, CA 92129-2287

United States

Another Address

Westwood One Sports

220 W 42nd Street, Frnt 3

New York, NY 10036-7200

United States


Phone Number: 212-419-2926

Email Address: –

James David Lofton Biography

Full Name: James David Lofton

Nicknames: James David Lofton, James Lofton

Profession: NFL Player

Height: 191 Cm

Personal Life

Date of Birth/Age: July 5, 1956 (age 62 years @2018)

Birthplace: Fort Ord National Monument, California, United States

Nationality: American

Education: Washington Preparatory High School Soccer Entrance, Stanford University

Hometown: –

Parents: Violet Lofton, Emmanuel Michael Lofton

Sibling: –

Spouse: Beverly Lofton (m. 1980)

Children: David Lofton, Daniel Lofton

Social Network

Website: –

Facebook: –

Instagram: –

Twitter: twitter.com/lofton80?lang=en

Google+: –

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One Comment

  1. A long-time Bills’ fan, my wife, Dale, has long admired Mr. Lofton as a receiver and a gentleman. Often she talks about how graceful this great receiver was both off and on the field. Now that we are in the twilight of our years, I would like to surprise her with a memento from Mr. Lofton… a picture, a note, something simple that shows he knows of her being a long-time fan. She has had considerable medical issues over this last year (we are hoping things are under control now) and this would cheer her up. She has given so much to so many, I’m hoping for a little something from a great and I’m sure busy man. My thanks in advance.

    Robert Sells
    23 Melody Lane
    Geneseo, New York



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